Dental Technology

10At Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek, we know that our patients’ experiences can be immensely improved with advanced dental technology. That’s why we offer nothing but the best.

We utilize the latest and greatest dental technology because it makes your procedures faster, more effective, and more comfortable. Here are just a few of the perks that come along with high-tech dental work.

High Quality Imaging

We offer the latest in imaging, camera, and tracking technology for the most effective diagnoses and treatments. A few of the tools we use include:

  • 3 Shape Trios Digital Scanner
  • DexCam 4 Intra Oral Cameras
  • Dexis CariVu Camera
  • Dexis Digital X-Rays
  • Dentrix Digital Patient Charting

This advanced imaging technology allow us to significantly speed up your procedures and visits! Alongside your doctor, you can see all of the important details about the structures of your mouth. When Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek can access all of this specific information, he can treat you quickly and successfully.

Ultimate Precision

33Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek loves giving his patients a comfortable, safe, and fast visit. Most importantly, he wants to provide them with highly precise treatments. That’s why we use technology like the following:

CAO Precise Laser | This laser results in less pain and anxiety for patients, as well as faster healing time.
NSK Electric Handpieces | These handpieces allow your dentist to prepare your tooth more quickly and effectively for a dental crown.
Sybron Endo Root Canal Therapy System | This cutting-edge technology reduces the pain and risks associated with root canals.
Kerr SonicFill Composite Restoration Products | Our restorations are longer-lasting, more durable, and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional ones.
Bio Horizons Implant System | For a lifetime of strong and lightweight replacement teeth that look great, we use Bio Horizons dental implants.
Komet Burs | This technology simplifies cavity preparation, and makes filling treatments even more efficient and convenient.
Dry Shield Isolation System | Dry Shield Isolation reduces the complications of any procedure. You will be bombarded with fewer tools and will spend less time in the chair.
Orascoptic Loupes | Our orascoptic loupes allow Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek to administer an accurate physical examination every time you visit.

For everything from the simplest cleaning to the most complicated procedure, we provide the latest technology. Come enjoy our Sonicare toothbrushes, digital scanners, and precise treatments.

We think you’ll enjoy all of the perks of our updated office. The latest and greatest technology will give you the successful dental experience that you’re hoping for. Give us a call today at Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek to schedule your appointment.