Dentures in Queen Creek, AZ

stock103Dentures for a Full and Beautiful Smile

If your teeth are weak and need to be extracted, or have already fallen out, it is time to replace them with something that will feel natural and restore your smile’s functionality and beauty. You deserve to feel proud of your smile and your overall appearance.

At Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek, we use the latest in denture technology to create dentures that are just right for you. We work hard to fashion dentures with that will provide patients with top-notch function, aesthetic, and fit. Here are some more facts about traditional dentures.

What are Traditional Dentures?

If you get a complete set of dentures, the dentures will replace all of your teeth. Traditional dentures sit on top of the gums. The pink plastic base forms a seal with the gums.

Connected to the plastic base is the set of replacement teeth. The replacement teeth are white, bright, and well-shaped. They will give you an attractive smile that you’ll feel good about sharing.

The Traditional Denture Process

29You’ll first need a consultation with Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek. Come discuss your goals with him so he can help you transform your smile.

Any necessary extractions will need to be completed several weeks before the dentures can be worn. Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek can help you get rid of all of the damaged and weak teeth that may be left in your smile.

Once your smile is prepared, you can return to receive your dentures at Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek in Arizona. Your dentures will be made custom-fit to your mouth. They will be beautiful, comfortable, and ready-to-wear.

Advantages of Traditional Dentures

  • A non-invasive way to replace missing teeth
  • Reduces your chance of TMJ disorder
  • Reduces possibility of changes in bite
  • One of the most inexpensive tooth replacement options
  • Allows you to chew a wider variety of foods

We hope you’ll enjoy the superior quality of our traditional dentures. The next step is to set up your consultation with Triumph Dental Of Queen Creek. By learning more about the state of your smile, he can discuss your tooth replacement options with you.

Give us a call today to schedule your denture consultation. We will be happy to assist you.