Same Day Treatment in Queen Creek, AZ

11At Triumph Dental, we make sure that our patients get the attention they deserve. We know that it’s not always possible to schedule an appointment a month in advance. Sudden dental problems should be just as important as ordinary visits.

In some offices, it is difficult to get proper treatment unless you have a scheduled appointment. At our office, Dr. Torgerson carves out time every day to give his patients unplanned additional care.

Call Anytime

Have tooth pain? Jaw pain? Are you in need of emergency dentistry? Sometimes you cannot wait to be seen until next month. If you need an appointment today, we have you covered at Triumph Dental.

Whether you have an emergency on your hands or you simply would like to get a procedure done sooner rather than later, we care. If you need to see Dr. Torgerson, give us a call. We will make time for you so that you can be seen the same day you call. We will relieve your discomfort and the worry that dental problems can cause.

Dr. Torgerson is happy to see you today and give you the examination, consultation, and treatment that you need.

40Here for a Cleaning?

If you are already in the office for a dental cleaning, and realize you need additional treatment, we may be able to treat you right then and there. If you are experiencing toothache or are in need of a dental procedure, we may be able to assist you before you leave the office.

We understand that it is inconvenient to schedule another appointment for days or weeks later when you are already in the office. We try to make your appointment as seamless and simple as possible for you.

Here at Triumph Dental, we focus on your comfort, convenience, and needs. If you need an appointment today, call now. We will do everything we can to get you fast and effective treatment.