Sedation Dentistry in Queen Creek, AZ

54The Triumph Dental team wants their patients to feel at ease about visiting the dentist. We want you to feel inspired to take care of your health.

With regular visits to your dentist, you prevent:

  • Red and swollen gums
  • Tenderness while chewing
  • Toothache and sensitivity
  • Tooth decay
  • Disease and infection
  • Tooth loss
  • Bone deterioration

Poor dental health is also associated with health problems outside of the mouth, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s. You can protect yourself from countless health hazards by visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings, examinations, and procedures.

What if you have too much dental anxiety to visit the dentist? Sedation dentistry could be the solution to your dental distress.

Our Conscious Sedation Solutions

stock-2Oral conscious sedation involves taking an anti-anxiety pill before your dental appointment. This will help you trust your dentist and feel calm about sitting in the chair.

Nitrice involves breathing in nitrous oxide through a mask that is placed over the nose. The nitrice, or nitrous oxide, will give you a light and airy feeling throughout your visit. You will not have to feel nervous about being in the office.

Both of our sedation methods allow you to remain conscious so that you can respond to our dentist’s questions and commands, and may even drive home after your appointment! Sedation dentistry is safe. It will help you protect yourself from the dangers of unhealthy teeth and gums.

Accomplish More in the Office

Sedation dentistry can be advantageous for all patients. Even if dental anxiety does not affect you, sedation dentistry can help you by giving you a higher tolerance level for dental work. You can have several procedures done in one sitting with sedation dentistry.

Come talk with Dr. Torgerson to see if sedation dentistry is right for you. Give us a call today at Triumph Dental to set up an appointment.